Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital will be Constructed over 50 Acres Land in DHA Bahawalpur

will be Constructed over 50 Acres Land in

Shaukat Khanum Hospital Cancer Hospital in DHA Bahawalpur – Around Rs85 billion would be spent on DHA Bahawalpur and the living standard of its inhabitants would be raised. He said that for the construction of Shaukat Khanum Hospital, 50-acre land had been allocated. He added that with the establishment of DHA, employment opportunities for thousands of people would produce. He said that apart from DHA’s entrance two more bridges would be constructed and a road leading to Qata-al-Amara turn would be constructed. Sui gas has been approved for DHA and from Sama Satta, and a separate eight-inch pipeline would be installed. For the provision of water, construction of water tanks had been started while for the provision of electricity planning had been completed.

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