DHA Multan Phase-1 Files Prices Update February 25,2019 by LRE

Phase-1 Files Prices Update February 25,2019

DHA Multan Allocation (10 Marla) 37.50 Lacs
DHA Multan Affidavit (1-Kanal) 45.60 Lacs
DHA Multan Allocation (1-Kanal) 45.90 Lacs
DHA Multan Phase 1 Ext Affidavit (1-Kanal) 35.25 Lacs
DHA Multan Five Marla Files (NOC Ready) 19.75 Lacs

DHA Multan Residential Installment Plot Files Buyer Prices Update
5 Marla At 3.15 Lacs (Booking Price 20 Lacs in 3 years installments)

8 Marla At 1.50 Lacs (Booking Price 30 Lacs in 3 years instalments)

10 Marla At 3.30 Lacs (Booking price 35 Lacs in instalments)

1 Kanal At Level (Booking Price 68 Lacs in Installments)

2 Kanal 4.50 Lacs ( Booking price 130 Lacs in 3 years in instalments)

DHA Multan Commercial Installment Plot Files Buyer Prices Update
4 Marla At 10.00 Lacs ( Booking price 175 Lacs in 3 years installment)

8 Marla At 50 Thousand ( Booking price 350 lacs in 3 years in installment)

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